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Outdoor touch kiosk

Kiosk with cheque recognizer

Kiosk with card dispenser

Product application

Applied to Self-service vending machines

Touch monitor/Touch all in one pc

The touch screen is applied to the vending machine, which makes user's operation easier and faster. As well as the inventory feedback is more specific and the payment is more convenient.

Applied to Self-service ticketing

Touch monitor/Touch all in one pc

The touch screen is applied to the automatic ticket machine in stations, cinemas, amusement parks, Users touch the screen to select the printed content, which is more convenient to operate and does not need to queue for a long time.

Self checkout kiosk applied to supermarket


Along with the coming of information age and the improvement of people's living standards, the application of intelligent environmentally-friendly self-recovery equipment has become more and more widespread, That device Realize self-service smart recycling of classified garbage  and creating a new recycling mode of hazardous garbage,  It make that harmless treatment of garbage  come true. 

Whiteboard applied to meeting & class


Interactive whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard is used in conference and education to show videos, pictures and data charts more clearly and conveniently. At the same time, it has the function of touch writing, which can annotate the display content, making the meeting and the classroom more vivid and clear.

 Product line

Outdoor touch kiosk

Kiosk with cheque recognizer