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32 inch wall mount kiosk

Detailed Description

Product Introduction

Self service kiosk, Integrating develop, Design,manufacture,sales,maintain of self service kiosk.

Offer with customized service to fullfill your requests


Multi functional module extendable

According to the requests of customer’s application, offer with matched model,

such as Metal keyboard, receipt printer, camera, fingerprinter, card reader, etc


Self service kiosk application

We provide one stop touch self service solution, which used for enhance the user’s experience, create applicatin value.

Now our device widely used in many fields such as government organization, Medical industry, Hotel,library, cinema, transport station.



Integrated appearance, slim and beautiful body

Support wall hanging, bracket, hanging and many other installation methods

Installation does not take up much space, suitable for multiple application scenarios

Printer with automatic cut and automatic detect paper remove, suitable for 80mm/58mm wide paper

automatic detect bar code and QR code

Can be customizable with pattern and LOGO in outside look.

2 built-in Speaker to provide a stereo sound effect

With adjustable length extension stand, suitable for different size pos machine

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