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Advantages of linear motors over conventional motors

The control of the linear motor is the same as that of the rotary motor. Like a brushless rotary motor, there is no mechanical connection between the mover and the stator (brushless). Unlike the rotary motor, the rotor rotation and stator position remain fixed. The linear motor system can be magnetic or thrust coil (most positioning) The system application is that the magnetic track is fixed and the thrust coil is moved). For a motor that uses a thrust coil, the weight and load ratio of the thrust coil are small. However, high flexibility cables and their management systems are required. A motor that uses a magnetic track not only has to withstand the load, but also withstands the quality of the track, but does not require a cable management system.
Similar electromechanical principles are used on linear and rotary motors. The same electromagnetic force produces a torque on the rotating electrical machine that produces a linear thrust action on the linear motor. Therefore, linear motors use the same control and programmable configuration as rotary motors. Linear motors can be in the form of flat and U-grooves, and tubular. Which configuration is best suited to the specifications and working environment of the application.