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The tide of informatization has swept through every part of society, and digitalization will be an inevitable trend in the construction of government agencies and office system Construction of Enterprises and institutions. The train station/airport multimedia information release system is based on the railway station or the airport's internal Ethernet platform. Through this system, users can easily build a centralized, professional, intelligent and differentiated enterprise-level network TV station to provide powerful information and provide Professional media services such as editing, transmission, distribution and management. The multimedia information release system of the railway station is aimed at the information release requirements of the railway station operation management. 
Taking forward-looking, expandable, advanced and practical as the design idea, the multimedia information such as video and audio signal, train real-time information and arrival delay information is transmitted to the display terminal through the network platform by means of centralized control and unified management.
 The multimedia information is broadcast with high clear digital signal, which can effectively cover crowded places such as ticket offices and waiting halls.
Instant information such as news, announcements, weather forecasts, service information, live broadcasts, etc. can be released immediately, and the most timely information will be delivered to the audience at the first time, and managed separately according to different regions and audiences. Publish information in a targeted manner.